10 December 2014

Enjoy a Colourful World with Carlas Rubber Removable Spray Film/Paint - Ideal for Alloy Wheels but great for so much more...

Carlas Rubber Spray Film is a unique and one of a kind product for the automotive cosmetic and styling market. With numerous benefits attached to it, this product can be used to give your vehicle that unique look. With a variety of colours available it can totally transform your alloy wheels, interior or exterior parts and if colour isn't your thing, then it comes in a clear lacquer too for all the benefits including protection. You can use it on any surface. The product is a rubber coating agent that not only allows you to just change the colour when you like but also gives extra protection against fade, corrosion, scratches, stone-chips on your panels, paintwork and wheels. The key feature is that this product is completely removable and the best thing is its not hard to remove either. You literally just peel it off. It really does mean that you can change the colour any time so if you wake up one morning feeling blue then you simply peel off the existing coloured rubber film and then spray away. Its uses and applications really are endless; use it on interior surfaces such as the dashboard and trims or for exterior bling its ideal for alloy wheels, wing mirrors, roofs, bonnets, grilles, badges, bumpers, trim, lights, mesh, door handles, spoilers and the list goes on.... Its not just suitable for the car either and can be used on motorbikes too so great for styling wheels, fenders, mirrors and to be honest we're pretty sure you can find many other uses for this great little product.

The Carlas Rubber Spray Film is available in a variety of colours including matt black, silver, gold, white, violet, blue, red and for a clear protection a Clear lacquer is available too. All the finishes are a matt finish depending on the amount of coats applied however if you like a glossy finish then use the Clear Lacquer as a top layer to create a shiny glossy finish. Here at Rockshore we're pleased to be able to offer the full range.

So what are the benefits from taking advantage of the Carlas Rubber Spray Film? Not only is it weather and water resistant, it provides protection against rust and corrosion, gives a long lasting colour which has been high pressure water tested and to top it all is easily removable by peeling it off any surface. It is not harmful to your body and won't damage alloy or paintwork and this unique film can be used on wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete and even tools.... The Carlas Rubber Spray Film could transform not only your car but colour your world too...

04 July 2013

Privacy Shades - Good alternative to Window Tinting?

Privacy Shades for UV protection
Window tinting seems to be all the rage for obtaining privacy for the rear of the vehicle with the added protection against UV rays, but is it worth the money and is there an alternative.  There have always been universal sunshades available with the basic suction cap fitment or roller blind variety but these can be basic and don't cover the entire windows thereby allowing streams of sunlight glare and UV rays through the gaps.  If you're after a more professional fit and look and don't want the costs or permanent nature of window tinting then Privacy Shades may be what you're looking for.  With over 400 applications and new fitments being added, the range certainly covers most UK passenger cars, 4x4 and MPV'S.  Each set is completely tailor made for each individual vehicle model to precisely fit to the vehicle's rear passenger, load area and tailgate windows. The Privacy Shades cover the windows entirely leaving no gaps and clip in using the clip-eaze technology making them easy to install and remove.  They offer up to 95% UV protection from the sun, prevent sun glare and as they allow windows to be open, they make them ideal for pet owners and offer the added bonus of stopping insects getting into vehicle when windows are open.  If you want privacy, UV protection and a professional tidy look without the costs of tinting, then Privacy Shades may be just the answer.

30 June 2013

Climair Wind Deflectors v Cheaper Brands (and what are they)

Wind deflectors (or as some people may call them, rain guards) fit onto a vehicle's side windows and designed to help keep the vehicle's interior cool allowing fresh air into the vehicle and preventing the rain and gusty wind coming in, therefore also making an ideal alternative to costly air conditioned air. Wind deflectors are particularly useful if you smoke or have pets as they help to get rid of stale air by improving ventilation. They also help prevent misting of car windows when it rains; reduce winter condensation, and also act as sun visors to help cut down on sun glare through the side windows making them pretty handy to have installed.  So what then are the differences between the German made Climair wind deflectors and the more cheaper brands available on the market?   Well apart from the Climair deflectors installing inside the window channel (not stick-on), offering a generous standard 2 Year Guarantee (10 year guarantee on acrylic surface) and being TUV approved (independently tested and approved), they also fit vehicle windows with Anti-Trap Systems. The Climair wind deflectors will not interfere with any Anti Trap System installed on the vehicle windows whereas many of the cheaper branded deflectors will not fit vehicles with Anti Trap Systems or allow this safety feature to function (Anti-Trap Systems prevent fingers etc being caught in electric windows).  By choosing Climair, you can be safe in the knowledge that the Climair wind deflectors are of the highest quality that German engineering has to offer with each set tailor made specific to each vehicle's chassis ensuring a perfect fit every time.  Along with the standard 2 year warranty, Climair wind deflectors are definitely king of the wind deflectors and they don't just make them for passenger cars but also for vans, 4x4s, campervans, trucks and other commercial vehicles too.  Make sure you put your trust in Climair Wind Deflectors for cars, 4x4's, MPV's, vans 

03 December 2012

Just a few Gift Ideas for Christmas if you were stuck...

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas?  A motorist in the family?  How about something a bit different... 

From sorting out their boot with a handy boot organiser or a fancy wooden car seat hanger to stop jackets getting all creased, there really are plenty of general car accessories and gift ideas to help most drivers out whether its for your son or husband who drive up and down the country for their job or whether its for Grandad or Grandma who take leisurely trips out with the grandchildren.  And for those motorists who need their interior snazzing up, why not treat them to a funky retro tax disc holder or fluffy pink steering wheel cover!  For just a few ideas visit Rockshore!

23 May 2012

Get your Car Organised

Summer is a great time for clearing the Car and Boot out (if they're anything like mine).  During the cold and wet winter months, its all you can do to get from the car to the house or office as quick as you can.  The Ginsters pie wrapper or other rubbish ends up in door wells, on the floor or some other nook or cranny.  The kids have dropped toys and sweet wrappers everywhere and well the car boot ends up looking like an extension to the shed or the garage.  Pick the next sunny warm day to give that car of yours a good clear out.  Your pride and joy gets you (and maybe your family) from A to B without complaint so spend a little time and some TLC to smarten the car interior and organise the boot to make room for those golf clubs, Lakeside shopping bags or other summer pastime. If you need a little help in the exercise, we have a great range of car storage solutions from the back seat organisers and car boot tidies to elasticated storage nets.  The Richbrook Car Bin is a must for keeping the rubbish in check and, if you find yourself on the road a lot, invest in a car seat hanger to prevent your jacket looking dishevelled.  Even if you melt in the summer heat, you can still keep the jacket looking good. Whatever happens you can always look to Rockshore for some great and handy car accessories to keep the inside of the car in check.

02 March 2012

Are your Number Plates Legal?

Road Legal Number Plates at RockshoreAre either of your number plates showing signs of wear?  If your vehicle is used on UK roads and one or either of your number plates is cracked or broken or is marked or faded which obstructs the registration letters or numbers, then it is illegal and must be replaced.  It should also be replaced with a number plate which complies to BS AU 145d standards which includes using the correct spacing, size and legal font and shows the supplier's name and postcode and the BS mark.  It is entirely up to you whether you want to have a side badge (ie the Euro badge with GB mark or other suitable legal side badge) which must appear on the left hand side.
Confused or worried your plates don't comply then don't worry as Rockshore are at hand.  We now supply Road Legal Number Plates which are made in house and have a choice of side badge all of which will comply with BS AU 145d standards.  All you need to do is supply the required information and choices and we'll do the rest.  Number Plates at Rockshore just check it out.

15 December 2011

Last Minute Christmas Present......

If you are one of the many people who leave shopping for Christmas presents to the last minute, then the Rockshore Automotive Gift Voucher may just be the thing to save you. Starting from £1.00, the Gift Voucher can be sent as a email to the recipient on a specific day or it can be sent in a printable format so that it can be printed and included in with a birthday or Christmas card or of course wrapped for under the tree.

You can now breath a sigh of relief......

09 November 2011

Snow Socks for Tyres.... What are they and what can you expect from them...

Snow Socks for tyres have been around for a number of years although many drivers are only just learning of their existence now due to the increase in advertising this year. Indeed there will of course be plenty of drivers who still don't know about them. Whether you're new to them or haven't heard about snow socks, this article should help you understand them and what they can do for you this coming winter. With a number of different brands on the market, snow socks can be different in design and colour but they have all been developed to do the same job which is to give your vehicle additional traction in snow and ice.

What are Snow Socks?

Multi Grip Snow Socks at RockshoreSnow socks are effectively another option for when faced with driving in snow. They have been developed as an emergency solution to get drivers out of trouble when caught out in snow or ice (similar to snow chains but easier to fit).  Snow socks are therefore not a replacement for winter tyres.  Their composition will be a high traction heavy duty material designed to achieve traction in the snow and ice once they have been fitted to your drive wheels. They will therefore come in a pack of 2. Once normal driving conditions return, snow socks should be removed to maintain their lifespan. If of course you have a four wheel drive vehicle, then they will need to be fitted to all four wheels (unless of course you can switch to two wheel drive).

Are they any good?

At this juncture, we can only refer to the Multi Grip Snow Socks which we at Rockshore have been selling for a number of years now.  Both the Multi Grip Snow Socks and the ISSE range (a new addition to our range this year) are TUV approved which means that they are independently tested for compliance and safety on a yearly basis. The Multi Grip Snow Socks have been a long running seller for Rockshore and feedback from customers on performance has been extremely positive.  We have been advised by a number of customers that local hills that have previously not been accessible in snow, has now become possible with the use of the Multi Grip Snow Socks.  Many other customers have described them as amazing and fantastic. We are therefore very confident that the Multi Grip Snow Socks do the job which they are designed to do.

What is their life expectancy?

Life expectancy on snow socks entirely depends on how they are used, how they are looked after and also a little luck when driving. If they are used primarily on snow and ice, then longevity can be maintained. The more that snow socks are driven on a normal asphalt road surface, then the more they will wear, with the possibility of them succumbing to any sharp debris resulting in rips or tears. Speeds should be kept to less than 30mph with the additional advice that drivers should  pull away slowly to avoid wheel spinning which may result in snow socks becoming detached and/or ripping. As soon as the road surface returns to normal and drivers are able to achieve traction without the use of the snow socks, then they should be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.  It is also advisable to dry the snow socks out before storage to keep them in good condition.  Similarly rinsing the salt out of snow socks will also assist in maintaining them.

Finally, you may be wondering why we made reference to luck.  Even if drivers have used snow socks fully in accordance with the instructions and driven primarily on snow or ice, there are unfortunately still no guarantees on how long a pair of snow socks will last.  If drivers manage to avoid any nasty road debris, then snow socks can last many journeys over many months or indeed years. However it will of course be very frustrating if they succumb to damage early on.  What drivers need to remember, however, is that if a pair of snow socks gets them out of trouble just once and stops them from sliding into another car or down a ditch, then they have certainly done their job and are definitely worth the money.