15 December 2011

Last Minute Christmas Present......

If you are one of the many people who leave shopping for Christmas presents to the last minute, then the Rockshore Automotive Gift Voucher may just be the thing to save you. Starting from £1.00, the Gift Voucher can be sent as a email to the recipient on a specific day or it can be sent in a printable format so that it can be printed and included in with a birthday or Christmas card or of course wrapped for under the tree.

You can now breath a sigh of relief......

09 November 2011

Snow Socks for Tyres.... What are they and what can you expect from them...

Snow Socks for tyres have been around for a number of years although many drivers are only just learning of their existence now due to the increase in advertising this year. Indeed there will of course be plenty of drivers who still don't know about them. Whether you're new to them or haven't heard about snow socks, this article should help you understand them and what they can do for you this coming winter. With a number of different brands on the market, snow socks can be different in design and colour but they have all been developed to do the same job which is to give your vehicle additional traction in snow and ice.

What are Snow Socks?

Multi Grip Snow Socks at RockshoreSnow socks are effectively another option for when faced with driving in snow. They have been developed as an emergency solution to get drivers out of trouble when caught out in snow or ice (similar to snow chains but easier to fit).  Snow socks are therefore not a replacement for winter tyres.  Their composition will be a high traction heavy duty material designed to achieve traction in the snow and ice once they have been fitted to your drive wheels. They will therefore come in a pack of 2. Once normal driving conditions return, snow socks should be removed to maintain their lifespan. If of course you have a four wheel drive vehicle, then they will need to be fitted to all four wheels (unless of course you can switch to two wheel drive).

Are they any good?

At this juncture, we can only refer to the Multi Grip Snow Socks which we at Rockshore have been selling for a number of years now.  Both the Multi Grip Snow Socks and the ISSE range (a new addition to our range this year) are TUV approved which means that they are independently tested for compliance and safety on a yearly basis. The Multi Grip Snow Socks have been a long running seller for Rockshore and feedback from customers on performance has been extremely positive.  We have been advised by a number of customers that local hills that have previously not been accessible in snow, has now become possible with the use of the Multi Grip Snow Socks.  Many other customers have described them as amazing and fantastic. We are therefore very confident that the Multi Grip Snow Socks do the job which they are designed to do.

What is their life expectancy?

Life expectancy on snow socks entirely depends on how they are used, how they are looked after and also a little luck when driving. If they are used primarily on snow and ice, then longevity can be maintained. The more that snow socks are driven on a normal asphalt road surface, then the more they will wear, with the possibility of them succumbing to any sharp debris resulting in rips or tears. Speeds should be kept to less than 30mph with the additional advice that drivers should  pull away slowly to avoid wheel spinning which may result in snow socks becoming detached and/or ripping. As soon as the road surface returns to normal and drivers are able to achieve traction without the use of the snow socks, then they should be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.  It is also advisable to dry the snow socks out before storage to keep them in good condition.  Similarly rinsing the salt out of snow socks will also assist in maintaining them.

Finally, you may be wondering why we made reference to luck.  Even if drivers have used snow socks fully in accordance with the instructions and driven primarily on snow or ice, there are unfortunately still no guarantees on how long a pair of snow socks will last.  If drivers manage to avoid any nasty road debris, then snow socks can last many journeys over many months or indeed years. However it will of course be very frustrating if they succumb to damage early on.  What drivers need to remember, however, is that if a pair of snow socks gets them out of trouble just once and stops them from sliding into another car or down a ditch, then they have certainly done their job and are definitely worth the money.

12 October 2011

Is your Car ready for Winter?

Its never too early to start preparing yourself and your vehicle for winter and if you need to source ice scrapers, snow brushes, shovels, snow chains or snow socks etc then its always best to buy before the cold weather really hits.  Once snow arrives, there is usually a very high demand for snow related auto products which can consequently run out quickly.  Don't be left disappointed or stuck in a snow drift; start thinking about it now so that you're ready and prepared.  Not sure what you need, then check out our Winter Driving section by clicking http://www.rockshore.uk.com/winter-driving-163-c.asp which also has some great tips towards the bottom of the page

30 September 2011

Sunshine or Snow ??

Winter Driving at RockshoreWhat is going on with the weather at the moment?  Most of us probably don't know whether to put the sunshades away or to dig out the windscreen no frost protector but if you have neither then don't fear as we are well stocked with both.  With the current return of summer to our fair land, those lucky enough will be putting the top down on their cabriolets for one last time before the cooler weather is upon us. Indeed its hard to believe there is talk about snow visiting us next month..... then again it is just talk. Just enjoy what will probably be the last good spell of hot weather and don't forget to start planning for winter driving and those dark evenings, frosty mornings and the inevitable snow fall, whenever it arrives.  For all your autumn and winter accessories check out our Winter Driving section by clicking the image to the right.

20 September 2011

Bring a bit a retro into your Car's Interior

Why not add a splash of colour to your car's interior and make it retro. The Richbrook GT range of tax disc holders are great on the eye and will certainly cheer any windscreen up. Available in Viper Green, Le Mans White, Daytona Orange, Power Pink, Monaco Blue, Monza Red or Speed Yellow there is bound to be a colour to suit.  They are made from aluminium, won't fade and have an easy access twist off mechanism to change the tax disc over.  Check them out by clicking on the images below.
Richbrook Retro Tax Disc Holders Richbrook Retro Tax Disc Holders

14 September 2011

Richbrook Boot Lip & Bumper Protector

Richbrook Boot & Bumper Protector at Rockshore

A great solution to protecting the exposed boot lip and rear bumper on those annoying trips to the rubbish tip. The Boot Lip & Bumper Protector by Richbrook is a durable and easy to use protector mat which folds out from the boot, over the boot lip, thereby protecting it from any scrapes or dinks when loading or unloading the boot. Check it out for yourself along with our other door and bodywork protectors and for those with Ford and Vauxhall cars, Richbrook even do it with these branded logos too!

24 August 2011

Haynes.... Not just Workshop Manuals

Haynes Workshop ManualsHaynes has come along way since publishing its first Owners Workshop Manual covering the Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite back in 1960.  They are of course synonymous for their Haynes Workshop Manuals covering cars and motorcycles and indeed their range is vast and is regularly updated to cater for new models.  However Haynes publish much more than a workshop manual branching into many other different subjects from DIY, Gardening, Family and Health to Computers, Caravanning, Sports, Military and beyond.   They even a section for children covering Top Trumps and such lovable characters such as Thomas the Tank engine and Wallace & Gromit. Their newer additions to the range include manuals on bee-keeping and keeping chickens so if you think of a subject, Haynes will probably have a book on it.  Their range is that vast that we at Rockshore don't even have them all listed yet but if Haynes produce it, then we can certainly get hold of it.

08 July 2011

Convex Safety Mirrors

Safety, Surveillance & Traffic Convex MirrorsConvex safety mirrors can be used in many different applications whether its to assist in parking in small confined spaces or garages or to eliminate blind spots when existing a driveway or exit.  They can also be used for security and surveillance situations and generally for safety, for example in high traffic areas whether indoors or outdoors.  Convex mirrors are therefore very useful and once installed are an important tool to give users a view of what is normally not visible from their location.  It is therefore important that the right one is chosen and installed.  Generally available in 2 way and 3 way options and in varying sizes to accommodate the required optimal viewing, if you are looking to make a purchase, you may very well become confused and give up.  However our summary advice below should make it a little clearer.

When a convex mirror is described as 2 way, it means that you will be able to view the mirror and see in one direction.  For example if on exiting your driveway you have a blind bend to the left but can see clearly to the right, then a  2 way mirror will be sufficient for your purpose.  Once the mirror is positioned correctly, it will allow you to see into the mirror and to see left, thereby eliminating the blind spot when exiting.   If on the other hand you had a blind bend to the left and to the right when exiting a driveway or exit, you would either need to install a 3 way convex mirror (allowing you to see into the mirror and to view left and right) or you could install two 2 way mirrors as an alternative.  A 3 way mirror will have a larger convex thereby allowing the viewer to see a larger field of view (ie to see both left and right).

*When it comes to choosing the size of the convex mirror, then the larger it is, the further away the user can be and still to be able to see images in the mirror.  Generally a 30cm 2 way convex mirror will have an optimal viewing distance of up to approximately 2 metres.  Larger sizes available will give a longer optimal viewing distance.  For example a 50cm 2 way mirror will give an optimal viewing distance (ovd) between the viewer and the mirror of up to 7 metres, a 60cm will give an ovd of up to 11 metres and so on.  Your optimal viewing measurement therefore needs to be accurate.  If you end up installing a 30cm 2 way mirror and you need to view it from 6 metres away, then the images reflected in the mirror will not be clear enough to define.  Convex mirrors used in safety situations need to be the correct size so its not worth saving a few pounds and choosing a smaller mirror if your viewing distance is longer than the mirror is designed for.

For those worried about looks and thinking that a large convex mirror will stick out like a sore thumb in the lovely natural surroundings of the countryside, then don't worry as they are also available with green frames to blend in.  For those keen on getting the mirror seen, then the mirrors also come with red and white reflective frames too.   There really are convex mirrors for all applications and surroundings.

*Optimal viewing distances and mirror sizes referred to above relate specifically to the Vialux brand of convex mirrors which are available for sale at Rockshore.  The precise optimal viewing distances and mirror sizes may therefore differ for other brands of convex mirrors.

01 July 2011

Driving in the Summer months

Summer Driving at RockshoreNow that summer has arrived, you may of course already know how important it is to be protected from the sun when you are out and about in the sunshine.   However you may be forgiven in thinking that your car will offer all the protection you need once you're inside it.   Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has tinted windows that came factory fitted with the vehicle, then your car windows may not be offering enough protection from the sun.  Don't worry though as there are plenty of products available that can filter out those harmful rays and bring relief from the heat and glare of the sun.  There are companies who offer professional window tinting but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, then simple sunshades offering UV protection which can be fitted to the  rear and side passenger windows will do the trick.  If you are someone who likes to do a bit of work on the car themselves, then there are window tints and film available that you can apply yourself.  Whatever you do this summer, don't forget to protect yourselves and your passengers, especially if your passengers are very young and extra sensitive.