01 July 2011

Driving in the Summer months

Summer Driving at RockshoreNow that summer has arrived, you may of course already know how important it is to be protected from the sun when you are out and about in the sunshine.   However you may be forgiven in thinking that your car will offer all the protection you need once you're inside it.   Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has tinted windows that came factory fitted with the vehicle, then your car windows may not be offering enough protection from the sun.  Don't worry though as there are plenty of products available that can filter out those harmful rays and bring relief from the heat and glare of the sun.  There are companies who offer professional window tinting but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, then simple sunshades offering UV protection which can be fitted to the  rear and side passenger windows will do the trick.  If you are someone who likes to do a bit of work on the car themselves, then there are window tints and film available that you can apply yourself.  Whatever you do this summer, don't forget to protect yourselves and your passengers, especially if your passengers are very young and extra sensitive.

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