30 September 2011

Sunshine or Snow ??

Winter Driving at RockshoreWhat is going on with the weather at the moment?  Most of us probably don't know whether to put the sunshades away or to dig out the windscreen no frost protector but if you have neither then don't fear as we are well stocked with both.  With the current return of summer to our fair land, those lucky enough will be putting the top down on their cabriolets for one last time before the cooler weather is upon us. Indeed its hard to believe there is talk about snow visiting us next month..... then again it is just talk. Just enjoy what will probably be the last good spell of hot weather and don't forget to start planning for winter driving and those dark evenings, frosty mornings and the inevitable snow fall, whenever it arrives.  For all your autumn and winter accessories check out our Winter Driving section by clicking the image to the right.

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