09 November 2011

Snow Socks for Tyres.... What are they and what can you expect from them...

Snow Socks for tyres have been around for a number of years although many drivers are only just learning of their existence now due to the increase in advertising this year. Indeed there will of course be plenty of drivers who still don't know about them. Whether you're new to them or haven't heard about snow socks, this article should help you understand them and what they can do for you this coming winter. With a number of different brands on the market, snow socks can be different in design and colour but they have all been developed to do the same job which is to give your vehicle additional traction in snow and ice.

What are Snow Socks?

Multi Grip Snow Socks at RockshoreSnow socks are effectively another option for when faced with driving in snow. They have been developed as an emergency solution to get drivers out of trouble when caught out in snow or ice (similar to snow chains but easier to fit).  Snow socks are therefore not a replacement for winter tyres.  Their composition will be a high traction heavy duty material designed to achieve traction in the snow and ice once they have been fitted to your drive wheels. They will therefore come in a pack of 2. Once normal driving conditions return, snow socks should be removed to maintain their lifespan. If of course you have a four wheel drive vehicle, then they will need to be fitted to all four wheels (unless of course you can switch to two wheel drive).

Are they any good?

At this juncture, we can only refer to the Multi Grip Snow Socks which we at Rockshore have been selling for a number of years now.  Both the Multi Grip Snow Socks and the ISSE range (a new addition to our range this year) are TUV approved which means that they are independently tested for compliance and safety on a yearly basis. The Multi Grip Snow Socks have been a long running seller for Rockshore and feedback from customers on performance has been extremely positive.  We have been advised by a number of customers that local hills that have previously not been accessible in snow, has now become possible with the use of the Multi Grip Snow Socks.  Many other customers have described them as amazing and fantastic. We are therefore very confident that the Multi Grip Snow Socks do the job which they are designed to do.

What is their life expectancy?

Life expectancy on snow socks entirely depends on how they are used, how they are looked after and also a little luck when driving. If they are used primarily on snow and ice, then longevity can be maintained. The more that snow socks are driven on a normal asphalt road surface, then the more they will wear, with the possibility of them succumbing to any sharp debris resulting in rips or tears. Speeds should be kept to less than 30mph with the additional advice that drivers should  pull away slowly to avoid wheel spinning which may result in snow socks becoming detached and/or ripping. As soon as the road surface returns to normal and drivers are able to achieve traction without the use of the snow socks, then they should be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.  It is also advisable to dry the snow socks out before storage to keep them in good condition.  Similarly rinsing the salt out of snow socks will also assist in maintaining them.

Finally, you may be wondering why we made reference to luck.  Even if drivers have used snow socks fully in accordance with the instructions and driven primarily on snow or ice, there are unfortunately still no guarantees on how long a pair of snow socks will last.  If drivers manage to avoid any nasty road debris, then snow socks can last many journeys over many months or indeed years. However it will of course be very frustrating if they succumb to damage early on.  What drivers need to remember, however, is that if a pair of snow socks gets them out of trouble just once and stops them from sliding into another car or down a ditch, then they have certainly done their job and are definitely worth the money.