23 May 2012

Get your Car Organised

Summer is a great time for clearing the Car and Boot out (if they're anything like mine).  During the cold and wet winter months, its all you can do to get from the car to the house or office as quick as you can.  The Ginsters pie wrapper or other rubbish ends up in door wells, on the floor or some other nook or cranny.  The kids have dropped toys and sweet wrappers everywhere and well the car boot ends up looking like an extension to the shed or the garage.  Pick the next sunny warm day to give that car of yours a good clear out.  Your pride and joy gets you (and maybe your family) from A to B without complaint so spend a little time and some TLC to smarten the car interior and organise the boot to make room for those golf clubs, Lakeside shopping bags or other summer pastime. If you need a little help in the exercise, we have a great range of car storage solutions from the back seat organisers and car boot tidies to elasticated storage nets.  The Richbrook Car Bin is a must for keeping the rubbish in check and, if you find yourself on the road a lot, invest in a car seat hanger to prevent your jacket looking dishevelled.  Even if you melt in the summer heat, you can still keep the jacket looking good. Whatever happens you can always look to Rockshore for some great and handy car accessories to keep the inside of the car in check.

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