30 June 2013

Climair Wind Deflectors v Cheaper Brands (and what are they)

Wind deflectors (or as some people may call them, rain guards) fit onto a vehicle's side windows and designed to help keep the vehicle's interior cool allowing fresh air into the vehicle and preventing the rain and gusty wind coming in, therefore also making an ideal alternative to costly air conditioned air. Wind deflectors are particularly useful if you smoke or have pets as they help to get rid of stale air by improving ventilation. They also help prevent misting of car windows when it rains; reduce winter condensation, and also act as sun visors to help cut down on sun glare through the side windows making them pretty handy to have installed.  So what then are the differences between the German made Climair wind deflectors and the more cheaper brands available on the market?   Well apart from the Climair deflectors installing inside the window channel (not stick-on), offering a generous standard 2 Year Guarantee (10 year guarantee on acrylic surface) and being TUV approved (independently tested and approved), they also fit vehicle windows with Anti-Trap Systems. The Climair wind deflectors will not interfere with any Anti Trap System installed on the vehicle windows whereas many of the cheaper branded deflectors will not fit vehicles with Anti Trap Systems or allow this safety feature to function (Anti-Trap Systems prevent fingers etc being caught in electric windows).  By choosing Climair, you can be safe in the knowledge that the Climair wind deflectors are of the highest quality that German engineering has to offer with each set tailor made specific to each vehicle's chassis ensuring a perfect fit every time.  Along with the standard 2 year warranty, Climair wind deflectors are definitely king of the wind deflectors and they don't just make them for passenger cars but also for vans, 4x4s, campervans, trucks and other commercial vehicles too.  Make sure you put your trust in Climair Wind Deflectors for cars, 4x4's, MPV's, vans