10 December 2014

Enjoy a Colourful World with Carlas Rubber Removable Spray Film/Paint - Ideal for Alloy Wheels but great for so much more...

Carlas Rubber Spray Film is a unique and one of a kind product for the automotive cosmetic and styling market. With numerous benefits attached to it, this product can be used to give your vehicle that unique look. With a variety of colours available it can totally transform your alloy wheels, interior or exterior parts and if colour isn't your thing, then it comes in a clear lacquer too for all the benefits including protection. You can use it on any surface. The product is a rubber coating agent that not only allows you to just change the colour when you like but also gives extra protection against fade, corrosion, scratches, stone-chips on your panels, paintwork and wheels. The key feature is that this product is completely removable and the best thing is its not hard to remove either. You literally just peel it off. It really does mean that you can change the colour any time so if you wake up one morning feeling blue then you simply peel off the existing coloured rubber film and then spray away. Its uses and applications really are endless; use it on interior surfaces such as the dashboard and trims or for exterior bling its ideal for alloy wheels, wing mirrors, roofs, bonnets, grilles, badges, bumpers, trim, lights, mesh, door handles, spoilers and the list goes on.... Its not just suitable for the car either and can be used on motorbikes too so great for styling wheels, fenders, mirrors and to be honest we're pretty sure you can find many other uses for this great little product.

The Carlas Rubber Spray Film is available in a variety of colours including matt black, silver, gold, white, violet, blue, red and for a clear protection a Clear lacquer is available too. All the finishes are a matt finish depending on the amount of coats applied however if you like a glossy finish then use the Clear Lacquer as a top layer to create a shiny glossy finish. Here at Rockshore we're pleased to be able to offer the full range.

So what are the benefits from taking advantage of the Carlas Rubber Spray Film? Not only is it weather and water resistant, it provides protection against rust and corrosion, gives a long lasting colour which has been high pressure water tested and to top it all is easily removable by peeling it off any surface. It is not harmful to your body and won't damage alloy or paintwork and this unique film can be used on wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete and even tools.... The Carlas Rubber Spray Film could transform not only your car but colour your world too...

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